Top Reasons Why Divorce Is Often More Complex When One Spouse Is In The Military

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If you or your spouse are in the military, you could be wondering if your service will impact your divorce and make it more complicated. Of course, this depends on the specifics of your divorce, as is always the case, but it is possible. Because of this, it's usually a good idea to specifically look for a military divorce attorney rather than a divorce lawyer who might not have this experience. If you are curious about why divorce is often more complex when one spouse is in the military, these are a few examples.

You May Be in a Different State

As you likely know, it's not uncommon for couples to have to move from state to state when one is serving in the military. You and your spouse might be from different states, and you could currently be living in a different state from where you got married. This can make things more confusing, but a military divorce lawyer should be able to help you handle the matter, no matter which state you're in.

The Divorce Might Take Longer

In some cases, military divorce proceedings can take longer than they normally would. If your spouse is serving overseas, for example, they may not be required to show up for divorce court like they may normally be required to do. Although your military divorce lawyer should be able to help you with handling your divorce as quickly as possible, they will be prepared for a longer divorce, if applicable.

Child Custody Might Be More Complicated

Child custody cases can be very complicated, no matter what the circumstances surrounding the divorce might be. When one spouse is serving in the military, this can make things more complicated due to work schedules, requirements to relocate to another state or even country, deployments, and more. If there are children involved in your marriage, seeing a military divorce lawyer is a good idea since it can help you handle these more complicated subjects.

As you can see, divorce can be more complicated if either you or your partner are currently serving in the Armed Forces. However, you do not have to handle your complex divorce on your own. Not only is it a good idea to hire a lawyer, but in particular, you should hire a military divorce lawyer. They should be able to help you with all of these things, as well as other matters related to your military divorce.

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