Mistakes A Lawyer Might Find In Your Will

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You are allowed to write a will on your own. However, oftentimes, a will contains mistakes that prevent the will from being properly executed. Because of this, it's always a good idea to have your will looked over by an attorney.

You Forgot to Include Certain Assets 

An attorney might notice that your will does not list certain assets. This often happens because DIY wills cannot take into account all of the property you have accumulated over the years. A will lawyer will be much more thorough. 

One of the most common types of assets you might forget to include in a will is digital assets. Physical assets are not your only possession and you will need to determine who has ownership of your digital photos and anything else you own that is digital that you consider being of value. Your will lawyer can examine your will and then ask questions that will help you avoid forgetting certain assets. 

You Didn't Take Your Pets Into Consideration 

While you might not see your dog as a piece of property, a dog is considered a piece of property according to the state. Therefore, you will not want to forget who will take care of your dog or whether funds will be set aside to take care of your dog.

Your Descriptions Aren't Clear Enough

Your will needs to be very clear and shouldn't have ambiguous descriptions of what you want. For example, you will need to be thorough when describing possessions to make sure that it's easy to know what you are referring to, especially with certain keepsakes. A lawyer will read your will and help you phrase it in such a way that will maximize the chances that the executor of your estate is able to follow your will.

Some assets are not controlled by a will, such as an insurance policy. For these assets, you will need to consult with a lawyer about whether you should include them in your will.

Your Will Needs to be Updated

Even if your will was written correctly originally, your will might need to be updated. This is often the case when there is a birth or death in the family or if you get married or divorced. Whenever there is a major event, you should consider speaking with a will lawyer. You will simply need to call your lawyer on the phone, schedule an appointment, and ask what to bring.

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