Which Types Of Legal Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Tackle?

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When you think of personal injury lawyers, you probably assume that the only time you would need to retain the counsel of this legal professional is if you have been involved in a collision that left your vehicle severely damaged or, worse yet, you with grievous bodily injuries. But this is not the purview of their specialty. What you need to know about personal injury lawyers is that they are the professionals to reach out to whenever you have experienced harm due to the negligence of a different party. Keeping that in mind, this article lists additional types of legal cases that personal injury lawyers can tackle on your behalf.

Canine Bites

Getting bit by a is a harrowing experience. But when this happens to you or your child, you could be under the impression that the only course of action you can take is to go to the hospital for a rabies shot and hope for the best. But you would be grossly mistaken. The main reason why some people do not hire a personal injury attorney after a canine attack is that they are unaware of this being a viable solution to their predicament. To make sure that your personal injury attorney can build a strong case for you, it is imperative that you take photographic or video evidence of the dog attacking you or the injuries sustained, as this will prove there was negligence on the animal owner's part.

Furthermore, you should keep all medical records, from receipts to the treatment provided and even prescription medication, as this will be crucial evidence in court. The personal injury lawyer may even request the garments worn during the attack, as they could be torn and bloody. Once all this evidence is gathered, the personal injury attorney will go about proving liability and, consequently, making sure you are compensated sufficiently.

Medical Negligence

Another form of personal injury that some people think they have no legal recourse to pursue is medical negligence. Also commonly referred to as medical malpractice, this is a generalized term indicating that a healthcare professional unnecessarily put your life or health at risk. It is important to bear in mind that there are multiple forms of medical negligence. Acquainting yourself with this form of malpractice gives you a better chance of identifying when you have been a victim of it.

For instance, if a healthcare professional utilizes unsterilized medical devices during invasive surgery and you develop an infection or, worse, sepsis, you could have a personal injury attorney sue the hospital for negligence. Alternately, if a healthcare professional administers the wrong intravenous drugs, perhaps due to a mix-up of medical records, only for you to have a bad reaction to the medications, a personal injury attorney can seek compensation on your behalf.

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