3 Times You May Need to Hire an Employment Lawyer

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Many states are beginning to adopt employment at will statutes. Essentially what this means is that employers do not need to show cause for termination if the employee is not under contract. Instead, an employer simply has the right to terminate the employment at will. Unfortunately, far too many employees take this to mean that they have no legal recourse against an employer who is acting in an unlawful manner, but this is not the case. The law still provides protection for employee rights, even in at-will employment states. An employment lawyer can help you to get the justice and compensation you deserve in these situations. 

Your Employer Terminates You As An Act Of Retaliation

Employment laws give you the ability to exercise your rights without the fear of retaliation. For example, if you choose to exercise your right to file a worker's compensation claim and your employer retaliates by terminating your employment, this constitutes wrongful termination under the law. In this situation, an employment lawyer can help to not only ensure you get the worker's compensation benefits you were originally entitled to, but they can also help you seek additional compensation for wrongful termination. In some cases, an attorney can even assist in getting your job reinstated if you want. 

You Are Terminated Or Denied Employment As A Result Of Discrimination

While employers have the right to hire and fire whomever they wish, they do not have the right to make these decisions based upon a person's ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. Employers are also forbidden from discriminating based on things such as pregnancy or marital status. If you feel that you have been terminated or denied employment based on discrimination, it is important to seek the counsel of an employment lawyer. 

Your Employer Is Demanding You Waive Your Rights

There may be times in which you choose to waive certain employment rights of your own free will. For instance, you may wish to waive the right to become a member of an employee union or to take part in employer-sponsored benefits in exchange for a higher pay rate. While it is perfectly legal for an employer to present you with the opportunity to make decisions such as these, it is unlawful for them to attempt to force you in any way. If your employment is threatened or you are subjected to a hostile work environment because of a refusal to sign away your rights, you should immediately contact an employment lawyer for assistance. 

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