Reasons to Hire a Lawyer When Going Through the Probate Process

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When a person passes away, his or her estate will have to be settled in probate court, unless the estate is held in a trust. If you are the executor of someone's estate, one of the best things that you can do is hire an experienced probate lawyer to assist you. Working with a lawyer can make a huge difference in the probate process and what you experience. Ideally, you should hire a probate lawyer as soon as possible after someone's death and before beginning the probate process. Some of the top reasons why you should hire a lawyer when going through the probate process include:

1. Support from an Experienced Legal Professional 

Many people have little to no experience serving as the executor of an estate. Likewise, if you're an heir, you may have a lot of questions about the probate process, and may also want to know when the assets that you are inheriting will be released. When you work with a lawyer, you will have an experienced legal professional available to answer all of your questions and ensure that the probate process goes smoothly. A probate lawyer understands all of the details involved with going through probate, so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is done correctly.

2. Make the Probate Process Go Faster

Ideally, a deceased person's estate would be settled in a timely fashion. However, the probate process is quite complicated and requires a lot of paperwork. This means that in some cases it can take months or even years for an estate to go through probate. If you want to avoid a long, drawn-out probate process, hiring a probate lawyer is the way to go. They will ensure that all paperwork is filled out properly and submitted quickly. Since a probate lawyer is less likely to make errors, the probate process will go a lot faster than if you tried to do everything yourself.

3. Avoid Family Drama

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for families to experience drama and discord when a loved one passes and his or her assets are distributed. A probate lawyer can act as an outside third party to help reduce conflict. They will ensure that the estate is divided according to the will of the deceased. If any of the heirs of the estate have an issue, they can speak to the probate lawyer.