How To Respond If You've Been Injure Due To Hemorrhaging While Giving Birth

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Following the birth of a child, the mother might experience post-partum hemorrhaging. This is when a woman experiences blood loss during the birth. The mother's body produces more blood than usual during the pregnancy and a woman giving birth can lose more blood than she might expect. However, in some cases, the hospital is negligent and allows the blood loss to get out of control.

Damages Caused by Blood Loss

When you experience too much blood loss, this might lead to not enough blood being pumped to your organs including your heart and brain. This can lead to organ damage and may lead to you spending more time in the hospital. If you suffer brain damage due to blood loss, you might never fully recover.

Excessive blood loss could be a result of a traumatic birth, from a blood clotting disorder that you are suffering from, or from a bacterial or viral infection you are suffering from. Your doctor should be able to anticipate these conditions and take steps necessary to prevent them. If your doctor is not able to prevent health complications due to blood loss because they did not take the necessary steps, you will want to get in contact with a birth injury attorney.

Risk Factors

Your doctor may be held responsible for your injuries if you have one of several risk factors. For example, if you are suffering from obesity, this is one example of a risk factor. There are also certain demographics, such as Asian women, who are more likely to suffer from post-partum hemorrhaging.

This condition is very rare, but it is also the leading cause of death among mothers. When it occurs, staff members should take immediate steps to stop the bleeding and administer necessary medications. The medications are able to cause the uterus to contract, in order to stop the excessive bleeding.

Compensation for Your Injuries

A birth injury attorney will examine everything that occurred leading up to your injuries and will consult with witnesses who have the professional knowledge necessary to determine whether the doctor showed due care when delivering your child. The witnesses can assist the birth injury attorney in calculating how much damage you have suffered as a result of medical malpractice.

Then, the birth injury attorney will negotiate with the medical malpractice insurance provider to ensure that you receive the best settlement possible.

For more information about consulting with a birth injury attorney, contact a local law practice.