Workers' Compensation: Making A Federal Case For It

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Hurt workers employed in the private sector depend on an alternative to having to file a lawsuit against their employer when they use workers' comp insurance. For employees in the government sector, there's a different way to get benefits when an accident happens. Read on to find out more about how federal workers hurt on the job can get a similar form of help that those in the private sector do.

The Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA

FECA coverage is closely aligned with traditional workers' comp insurance coverage in what they cover for hurt workers. Any accident that occurs while at work or during any work-related event is covered. That means coverage for work-sponsored recreation events, out-of-town business trips, training in a nearby facility, and more. In addition to accidents, FECA covers occupational illnesses that can occur gradually and when a pre-existing injury is made worse by a job. Just like with private sector workers' comp insurance, FECA coverage is far from guaranteed and many hurt federal workers end up hiring a workers' comp lawyer to help them with their claim.

FECA Benefits to Expect

Hurt workers should expect to have their medical bills covered and to be paid a partial wage until they are able to return to their jobs. If the hurt worker is not able to recover enough to go back to their previous job, then they might be eligible for a lump-sum settlement. This can mean a large cash payment or it might mean a more structured payment plan. You might be eligible for rehabilitation services like job training and job search help if the worker can work at a different job. Lump-sum settlements depend on several factors, such as:

  1. The hurt worker's previous salary.
  2. The percentage of disability of the hurt worker (hurt workers can be 55% or 83% disabled, for example)
  3. The education and training of the hurt worker.

Some Are Not Covered

Some federal workers are exempt from FECA. In general, members of the armed forces have their own separate provisions dealing with injuries and illnesses. Other government entities that have separate provisions that are not covered under FECA are longshoremen, miners, railroad workers, harbor workers, and government contractors.

If you are having problems with your FECA claim or have been ruled to be permanently injured, you may need the help of a worker's compensation lawyer. Speak to a lawyer so you can get the benefits you need.