Lose A Loved One After Surgery? Get A Wrongful Death Attorney

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When you lose a loved one, you need time to grieve and process the death. In most cases, the death of someone you love is somewhat predictable: family members or friends are often sick for some time before succumbing to death, allowing you time to come to terms with what is happening and make preparations.

However, a routine surgery is not usually cause to believe a person can pass away. While unforeseen circumstances can cause a person to die on the surgical table, such as a reaction to anesthesia, complications during surgery, or other issues, when your loved one passes away during surgery, you're probably shocked and angry as a result.

Here are reasons you should hire a wrongful death attorney when you lose a loved one during or after surgery. The right lawyer will help you get compensation for your loss and ensure the medical professionals involved will not be able to practice incorrectly again.

Your doctor keeps changing their story

You've asked what happened to your loved one to cause their death. Your doctor first told you one story, then told you another. This is a red flag — if your doctor can't keep their story straight about why your loved one died, the doctor is either lying and covering their tracks or doesn't know what happened and is trying to escape liability.

Your doctor admits fault

While deaths do happen in hospitals all the time, medical negligence or malpractice are not always to blame for patient deaths. If any of the doctors involved with your loved one admit fault in any way, call a lawyer immediately. You'll need representation to help you get compensated after proving your loved one's death wasn't a simple accident.

Your doctor has a history

Sometimes the only doctor your family member has doesn't have the best of reputations. If you find out after your loved one passes away that their doctor has had several patients die or nearly die under their care or the doctor has had recent cases just like the one you are going through, get a lawyer. You don't want other people suffering the same pain you are going through, and the only way to stop a doctor who should not be practicing is to get a great lawyer to assist you.

A wrongful death lawyer is there to represent family members and the deceased to find justice for horrible wrongs. When a doctor is to blame for a loved one's death, the right lawyer will help you find some relief.