Hire An Unbundled Immigration Attorney To Represent You In Gaining Green Card Status

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When you've been granted residency or citizenship in America, there are many freedoms that accompany your living in a society that offers you many opportunities. Your rights enable you to claim unique opportunities here in the United States. That includes protected freedoms such as religion and speech. You also, under certain limitations, have the freedom to globally travel and even engage in international commerce. An unbundled immigration attorney is able to help you when you've started the process of obtaining green card immigration status.

Choose An Unbundled Immigration Attorney Service

Choose an unbundled immigration attorney to provide you with specific advice in applying for a green card status that will allow you entry and residency in America. This attorney maneuvers through the system and only charges you for legal work done concerning your green card status. You may be thinking that you cannot hire an attorney because of your financial situation. However, choosing to represent yourself in an immigration matter is not the way to go because immigration matters can be very confusing to a layperson.

Costs Are Reduced

When you use an unbundled immigration lawyer for your green card status, this service significantly reduces how much it costs you to acquire that sought-after status. No other purpose than getting you the card is the focus of your unbundled immigration attorney. Your legal rights will be forcefully protected with the assurance and zeal that America affords you. Your attorney will aggressively pursue the rights that the immigration laws allow.

Requirements For This Process

To be declared a citizen, you must be a native-born person or someone who is granted the status by order of the United States (U.S.) Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once you obtain that status, you have the right to vote in U.S. elections. You can also petition for permanent residency on behalf of your foreign-born children and other close family members. Your unbundled immigration attorney helps you to navigate through what can be a very complicated process.

Way To Go For Cutting Attorney Fees

So, now you understand why lots of people are hiring unbundled legal help that gives them the option of specifically hiring their own green card services attorney. You choose the attorney who divides your case into parts. In this case, you want a green card attorney, and that's what the professional who works with you does. This reduces the billable hours you have to pay for. You may be able to pay attorney fees as low as $500 to $1500.