Mistakes You Don't Want To Make With A Divorce: What You Want To Know In Advance

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If you are getting ready for a divorce and you are so angry with your spouse that you would do anything to "take them for everything you have", you need to hit the brakes and slow down. You first need to meet with a lawyer to make sure that you don't do anything that you would regret or that could hurt you in court. Here are some of the things that you should know while you're waiting to meet with a lawyer so that you don't make any mistakes before the paperwork is filed.

Don't Sign Anything without Legal Consent

It doesn't matter if you think you are signing something that will benefit you financially or relive you of potential expenses, don't sign your name on anything or agree to anything. You want your lawyer to look at every document that you're considering signing or that your spouse presents you with.

You don't want to give away a vehicle that could be yours in a custody case or sign off on your spouse gaining something you are unaware of because you didn't fully understand what you were putting your signature on.

Be Practical Not Emotional

Acting on emotions can cost you a lot in your case--and more than just money. You can't try to push for too much because you want to get even or because you think your spouse deserves it. Your judge won't care if they forgot birthdays, didn't like your parents, or didn't do their fair share around the house. They only care about splitting things up, and dragging the case on or being too selfish can cost you financially.

Make No Accusations

You don't want to accuse your soon-to-be ex of anything that you assumed happened. Instead, just state facts and have information to backup the facts. If you are trying to throw around accusations and have no proof, it will look like you are making things up to make your spouse look bad--even if the things are true. The judge won't want to deal with the inaccuracies and information with no evidence.

The smarter you are going into the divorce process, the more money and time you can save. Make sure that you talk with your lawyer about the things that are the most important to you so you can come up with a plan to mediate and negotiate what you need. This way you can manage your divorce efficiently and let your spouse make the errors. In the mean time, reach out to a local family law firm to get a lawyer involved in your divorce as soon as possible.