When A Driver Intentionally Collides With You: How To Prove Your Case

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Whether someone was trying to commit vehicular suicide, or he/she just has some anger issues and wanted to crash a vehicle, you end up being a victim too. The problem is, it is very difficult to prove that the "accident" was intentional. You could have seen the other driver do just about anything and the police can only take down the facts that are obvious. If you pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver, here is what your car accident lawyer will tell you.

Look for Street Cameras

If the accident was not really an accident, street cameras can prove it. Go back to the scene of the accident as soon as you are able. Look for any street cameras that may have a view of where you were hit. Your lawyer can subpoena the city for the footage of the accident, hopefully from multiple angles, to see exactly what happened. If there is clear footage of the other driver turning into you on purpose, you have a solid case. If the footage could be interpreted in a slightly different manner, your lawyer would have to work around that.

Eye Witnesses on the Street

Other drivers may have seen things very differently, but pedestrians have a street-level view of the incident. Find the witnesses that were present when the police took a report. Your lawyer can interview these witnesses again to confirm their stories and what they saw. They may have seen the other driver's face and expressions, or watched as the driver tried to ram you. Details are vital when you are trying to prove that you were intentionally hit.

People in the Car With You

Children cannot testify, even if they saw what you saw. If there were other adults in the vehicle with you, however, that is a different matter. If another adult saw exactly the same things, he or she can corroborate your view of the events. His or her testimony is vital to your case. Try to get him or her to agree to come to court with you. If he/she will not, and he/she is the strongest part of your case, your lawyer can subpoena him/her to appear.

Have None of the Above? Find Another Angle

Despite what you saw or thought you saw, if you have none of the above to help your case, you can still sue. It just means that you will have to take a different angle from your original position. Your car accident attorney will also tell you how to proceed from the new angle.

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