How Prepaid Legal Services Can Be Helpful for Small-Business Owners

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If you run a small business, it's likely that you will need legal services from time to time. There are a lot of different types of issues you may face that require legal advice or help, and it might be hard to pay for these services if they are not in your budget. Prepaid legal services have been around for decades and are designed to help people and businesses with all types of legal assistance. Here are three ways buying a prepaid legal service plan can benefit your business.

You Can Budget It In

With a prepaid legal service plan, you are buying legal services before you need them, and you can use them whenever you need to. One huge benefit of this is that it offers a way to budget in your legal expenses. Your plan will cost a certain amount of money per year, and you might be able to pay on a monthly basis. Each month, you will know exactly how much you will spend on legal services, because it will be the same each month.

Budgeting in all your expenses can help you maintain a better cash flow in your business. You've probably experienced times when an unexpected expense arose, and you had to pay it even though it wasn't something you planned for. This is something that happens in all businesses, but you could avoid unexpected legal expenses by purchasing a plan like this.

You Will Have Assistance at Your Hands Anytime You Need It

Another benefit of a prepaid legal plan is it offers access to a lawyer whenever you need it. If you have one simple question to ask a lawyer, you can call and ask the lawyer without being afraid of receiving a bill for this legal advice. Having access to legal advice when you need it makes prepaid legal plans a great idea. Without a plan like this, you will get charged for every phone call or visit you make to a law office. In addition, you may need to spend time searching for the right attorney to call each time you have a question or need help, which means a prepaid plan will help you save time.

The Services Are Versatile

The costs for these services is usually around $100 per month, but what you get in return makes this money spent very worthwhile. Prepaid legal service plans typically have limits, but they also offer a lot of different types of services.

For example, if you need a lawyer to help you review or draw up some type of contract, you can call the law office to get this done. If you need legal representation for a lawsuit you are in, this too might be included in your plan. If you need help litigating a problem with another company, your prepaid plan might allow for this too.

You should also realize that if you need legal services that are not included in the prepaid plan, you might be able to get them completed for a reduced price. This will depend on the plan you have, and there might be several different plans to choose from. When choosing a plan, look for one that offers coverage for the services you think you are most likely to need, and look for one that offers a fair and reasonable price for the services that are included in it.

Having a prepaid legal plan is a great idea for any type of small-business owner. If you are interested in learning more about this, contact a firm that offers legal services in your city to find out more.