Ordering A Transcript Of Your Court Hearing Vs. Real-Time Reporting

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If you have gone through the trouble of hiring a legal team to help prepare for a legal case that could change the outcome of your life, you may want to have a written copy of the record detailing each day's events. In legal cases, the record refers to what is said and done within the courtroom. From each lawyer's opening arguments to testimony, the marking of exhibits, and final decisions made by judges, the record is used by legal professionals to rectify discrepancies, file appeals, and even cite case law. If you choose to work with a real-time court reporting services, you can actually view the written record of your case personally while proceedings are still ongoing.

Paying For Legal Transcripts

Whether you decide to wait several weeks for a copy of your transcript to be prepared or request real-time court reporting services, there are going to be costs involved. Preparing a copy of the record from audio recordings of your proceedings requires time, skill, and knowledge of the legal system. Moreover, the faster that you want a copy of your transcript, the more you will need to pay. Even if you choose expedited services, you could still wait anywhere from one to five business days for your court transcript. Comparatively, real-time court reporting services can work out to be just about the same price as expedited court transcription services completed by a transcriber, but you also have the benefit of seeing a copy of the record while your case is still ongoing.

Giving Your Attorneys An Advantage

With court cases that go on for weeks, you can end up with a final transcript that more than resembles a telephone book. As your attorneys work to prepare for the next stage of your case, including drafting pleadings and submitting exhibits, they too can have a difficult time finding pertinent information within a copy of the record. If you decide to have real-time court reporting services on-site you would be giving your lawyers a marked advantage.

With a live copy of the record at their disposal, your attorneys could highlight key points of your legal case, allowing them to identify inconsistencies and errors on the spot, and revisit testimony that had been given earlier in the day. Your attorneys wouldn't have to wait several days to look over an official copy of the court record, which could be helpful if you are anticipating being in litigation for a long time.

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