2 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer When Arranging An Adoption

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One of the most important cases that a family lawyer will be called upon to handle is an adoption case, mostly because there are numerous issues that can come up during the adoption process that an attorney can help you navigate and resolve. Listed below are just two reasons to hire a lawyer when arranging for an adoption.

Hiring An Agency

A family lawyer is particularly useful when you are adopting because he or she can help you find the right adoption agency for you and your family. Hiring an adoption agency can often be more difficult than it sounds because it is possible to run into a variety of fraudulent services, especially if you are interested in adopting a child from another nation.

In that situation, it is fairly common for prospective parents to communicate with an individual or agency that will appear as though they have children available to adopt but will require an upfront fee to start the adoption process. Once these individuals have collected that fee, they will disappear or cease contact and keep your money.

A family lawyer is very effective at helping you avoid this situation as he or she can investigate the agency or firm before you submit any payments and let you know if the agency is at all legitimate or if you should avoid the risk and find another service. In addition, some family lawyers will have a lengthy list of adoption cases under their belts that can enable them to refer you to an agency that they found easy to work with in the past.

Creating A Private Adoption Contract

Another reason to hire a family lawyer is so that he or she can create a contract to protect you and your family when entering into a private adoption arrangement. These arrangements are quite popular and consist of people avoiding an adoption agency entirely and entering into an agreement directly with a pregnant individual. The arrangement will typically require that you pay medical fees and expenses for the duration of the pregnancy and then receive the child after it is born. 

A lawyer can create a contract that will state that you are paying those expenses in exchange for adopting the child. This is very important because the pregnant person typically has the right to change her mind at any point in her pregnancy or shortly after she gives birth and keep the child. In that situation, the contract would allow you to take that person to court and be repaid for all of the medical fees that you paid for so that you do not lose a lot of money in addition to losing the child that you were promised.

Contact a family lawyer (like those at Adair Brian and similar firms) as early as possible when you are thinking about adopting a child. This lawyer can help you create contracts to ensure that you will be repaid if a private adoption fails to go through as well as helping you to avoid dealing with any fraudulent or illegal adoption services or agencies.