Two Reasons Why You Need A Living Will

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If you are involved in the process of planning your estate, it's highly likely that you have established a will which will be used to divide up your belongings after you are deceased.  However, although a will is certainly very important, there is another document that you should have drawn up as well: a living will.  A living will, also called an advance directive, details your wishes for end-of-life medical care.  Use this information to learn more about why it is vital for you to create a living will as soon as possible.

Living Wills Put Your Wishes In Charge

One of the most compelling reasons why you should establish a living will is because it helps to ensure that your wishes direct the course of the final days of your life.  This is vital if you may hold different beliefs than your family members, as this could cause some issues.

For example, if you happen to ever undergo an accident or medical condition that leaves you on life support, you may be the kind of person who does not wish to remain in this condition for untold periods of time.  This means that you will state in your living will just how long you should be allowed to remain on life support before you should be unplugged.  Your loved ones may not have the courage or desire to do this, but if you have already written this down as your wish, they will typically be more likely to honor it.

Keep in mind that if you are an individual who does not want to be resuscitated, you should obtain a medical bracelet that contains this information so you can wear it at all times.  The bracelet serves as a signal to Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) that they should not use medical methods to resuscitate you due to your wishes.

Living Wills Let You Choose Your Own Agent

Another reason why you need a living will is because it lets you choose your own agent.  An agent is the person who will be responsible for enforcing your living will.  This is a very important consideration, because in the absence of an appointed agent, those closest to you will be charged with the task of selecting an individual to make medical decisions on your behalf. 

A probate, or wills lawyer, is a great person to consult with when you're ready to draft a living will.  They have the knowledge necessary to ensure that your living will contains the correct legal verbiage so that it is enforceable.  Contact a probate attorney right away so you can create a living will that reflects who you are.