2 Ways To Prepare For Your Attorney Consultation About A Slip And Fall Accident

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Being injured on another person's property can be devastating. However, slip and fall accidents occur all the time. One of the most important things to consider is who pays for the medical bills. Being able to recover quickly and get on with your life may require attention from a healthcare provider. You may need to file a legal action against the property owner to receive the compensation you deserve. Knowing ways to prepare for your initial legal consultation will allow you to get the most out of this meeting.

Discuss the details

One of the best ways to prepare for your legal consultation is to be prepared with the details of what occurred the day of your slip and fall accident.

Create a list of the things below to go over with your attorney:

1. The date the accident occurred.

2. The address of the property you were on when you fell.

3. The extent of your injuries and how long you were out of work.

4. Precisely how the accident occurred and if there were wet floors or debris that contributed to your fall.

5. If you had permission to be on the property the day of the accident.

6. If there were any signs displayed that could have helped alerted you to the flooring situation.

7. If another person witnessed the accident and could testify on your behalf if the case went to court.

Provide evidence

It is the job of an attorney to tell you if you have a strong or weak case. You should bring any evidence that you have to help prove your slip and fall case if you are pursuing a legal action against the owner:

Listed below are things you should bring when meeting with your attorney:

1. Medical records where your doctor has listed the cause of your injuries was due to the fall.

2. Copies of medical bills for your full recovery.

3. Photographs of your injuries that may include broken bones, bruises or scratches.

4. A letter from your employer stating the amount of time you lost from work and the amount of your lost wages.

Finally, getting the most out of your time spent with an attorney is important and will take preparation on your part. Be sure to work closely with a personal injury attorney to help you recover financially from this unfortunate accident. Contact a firm such as Bildfell Law for more information.