5 Common Mistakes People Making After Getting Arrested

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Whether you were charged with a DUI or theft, getting arrested can be a very frightening experience. It is difficult to think clearly when you get arrested, so you might make a mistake that can hurt your case. Here are five common mistakes people make after getting arrested. 

Talking to the Police

No matter how much they try to convince you, never talk to the police without a lawyer present. Even if you are innocent of the crime, you could end up contradicting yourself while under stress. If there is even one inconsistency with your statement, the police can use it against you in court. Police also have no power to offer deals, so you have nothing to gain by talking to them.  

Trying to Resist Arrest

Even if you are completely innocent, you should never try to resist arrest from a police officer. If you resist arrest, you could face even more charges. If let the police arrest you without any problems, things will be easier on you.

Accepting the Prosecutor's First Offer

Although you would like to finish your case as quickly as possible, you should avoid accepting the prosecutor's first offer. Even if no jail time is required, a prosecutor will rarely give you a good deal in the very beginning. If you give your lawyer time to question the evidence and negotiate with the prosecutor, you could get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. 

Not Hiring a Criminal Attorney Immediately

You might have a lot on your mind after getting arrested, but that should not stop you from hiring an experienced criminal attorney right away. A criminal lawyer will advise you on what you can and can't say to the police. The sooner you hire a lawyer, such as Kinahan Leo A, the sooner you can build a strong defense. 

Talking to Other People About Your Case

Do not talk about your case to anyone except your attorney. Even if you just talk to your closest friends, you never know if they will end up going to the police behind your back. If someone asks you about your case, tell that person that your attorney does not want you to speak about it.

Dealing with a criminal charge is not easy, but avoiding these common mistakes will make things a little easier. If you avoid panicking and listen to your lawyer's advice, you will have a better outcome on your case.