A Pain In The Back: Getting Paid For Your Herniated Disk

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If you are the victim of a careless driver then you are entitled to seek money damages. Almost any way that your life has been impacted by the car wreck deserves consideration--particularly your medical expenses. Even a somewhat minor crash can impact one of the most vulnerable areas of your body: your back. When your back hurts you can be in agony everywhere, so read on to learn more about one of the more common back injury situations--herniated disks.

Your back and spine area

This vital area holds more than just your backbone (or spine), it also contains an intricate network of nerves running to every part of your body. You may have heard about catastrophic back injuries that caused paralysis, and you can understand how that might happen considering the number of nerves that run along your spine.

When part of your spine is hurt, it can cause the disk-like cartilage pieces to bulge. These disks have an important job; they separate your vertebrae and cushion your movements against pain and damage. When the damage is greater, the disks can fall apart and rupture. This is what's known as a herniated disk.

Treatments for herniated disk issues

If the problem is mild enough you might not need anything more than rest and some over-the-counter pain medication. Fortunately, even if the problem is bad there are several ways to deal with the debilitating pain. While doctors are more aware than ever before that opioid-use can be dangerous, If they are used for a short and defined period of time before moving on to surgery then they may be an option. You may also be offered spinal injections (epidurals), physical therapy, massage, and electrical stimulation.

The surgery, if needed, is known as a spinal fusion and can often be accomplished using minimally invasive techniques that require less recuperation time. Surgery, however, can still make a big impact on your body, and you may need to take several weeks off from your job to recover. It should be mentioned that lost wages are but one form of money damages to which you are entitled as a result of an injury like a herniated disk.

Your damages

Along with lost wages, you are also entitled to pain and suffering, and medical expenses. It should be mentioned that back injuries are one type of injuries that can continue to haunt you for years and years. It's vital that your compensation package from the at-fault driver include a provision for future medical expenses.

A herniated disk injury is exactly the category of damages that require the help of a personal injury lawyer. There is too much at stake to just accept the initial offer from the insurance company when you know your injury may continue to affect you for an indefinite period time. Reach out to a local law firm that deals with auto accident law like St Martin & Bourque LLC.