Can You Get A Witness? Understanding How Witnesses Work In Your Personal Injury Situation

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The need to act quickly after an accident is vital; the longer you wait, the more likely your evidence is to disappear. One prime piece of evidence when it comes to car wrecks is a witness. Witnesses can turn a "he said she said" situation into a compelling and convincing case that will award you for your damages. For a quick primer on a couple of different types of witnesses, read on.

You evidently need witnesses

Hard evidence, such as photos, reports and receipts are all well and good, but they are really just pieces of paper if you don't have a human to speak about the wreck. The two types of witnesses below will enable you to put forth a substantial case, whether it be in court or on the settlement negotiation field.


This type of witness is the probably what everyone automatically thinks of when you say the word, and if you have a reliable eye witness account of the accident it can be invaluable to your case. These witnesses don't need to be a stranger just passing by at the same time as your accident; they can also be occupants of your vehicle and actually involved in the wreck.

As long as the witnesses are able to say what happened and are able to testify to it, they are eyewitnesses. It's vital that you get the contact information for any witnesses at the scene. If you are unable to do so due to injuries, review the accident report prepared by the law enforcement personnel that responded to the wreck for the information. Another thing to keep in mind is how quickly memories fade, so your personal injury attorney will attempt to get your eye witness's testimony recorded right away.

Expert witnesses

When you and the other side (or their insurance carrier) cannot settle the case, you might end up pursuing the case in court. Depending on the complexity of the case your attorney may decide to call on a number of experts to testify about your case. With car accidents, you might expect to hear from:

1. Medical experts who will testify about how your injuries have affected your life.

2. Accident reconstruction experts who will testify about how the accident occurred and show why the other party's actions caused the wreck.

3. Mental health experts who will testify about the way your emotional well-being has been put at risk because of the accident.

4. Bio-mechanical experts who will show how the accident caused your injuries.

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