Why You Should Never Accept An Insurance Settlement Without An Attorney

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If you've been injured on the job or in any commercial building, you never want to accept an insurance settlement without first speaking to an attorney. This is true even if you think you've been offered a generous settlement that covers your immediate medical bills. Consider some reasons why it's good to always speak first with an attorney before you accept any type of settlement.

1. You may face future medical bills that wouldn't be covered

If you accept a settlement now, chances are you're giving up your rights to have any future bills of your being covered. While you may assume that the settlement you're being offered covers your medical expenses, consider that you may have future medical problems. Some soft tissue injuries don't present themselves for several days if not weeks after an accident and you may face complications from the injuries you do have.

An attorney will be able to negotiate for you so that the insurance company will cover future medical bills even if you sign papers or any type of agreement with them now. They will know how to protect your future rights, not just your current financial interests.

2. You may be eligible for even more money than you may realize

While a settlement offer may seem very generous to you, remember that insurance companies are in the business of making a profit, not in the business of being fair to claimants. Before signing, it's good to have a lawyer look at the settlement offer so he or she can determine if it's fair. They will know the standard amount that is typically agreed upon in cases like yours and can negotiate and fight for a higher amount. This can protect you financially and ensure you get the amount you deserve.

3. You may have claim against more than one party

If you accept a settlement from an insurance company you may assume that your case is over, but you may have claim against more than one party. As an example you may suffer an accident while on the job and assume that if your employer's insurance company has offered you a settlement then your case is settled. However, you may have claim against the manufacturer of certain equipment or the landlord of the building in which you work.

These are all reasons to always speak to a personal injury attorney like Brown Beattie O'Donovan when you've suffered any type of injury or accident before you ever agree to any settlement offer.